Monday, February 8, 2010

Yes!! More Snow!!

I was just thinking… We haven’t had any snow in such a long time. I mean it’s been at least a few days or so, and it’s starting to look so… summer-like here.  Finally, it started snowing last night and is supposed to continue on into Tuesday morning.

When we got up we checked to see if school was late or anything. Although everyone around us was either late or cancelled, we were on time. We are the Mighty Dragons after all. We can just shoot flames out our mouths and melt a path to school. And because school was on time, I was very saddened. I really wanted to have my hyper excited kids home with me for 2 more hours for some extra special bonding time. I even had to excuse myself for a moment to go weep for my loss. I did pull it together and mustered all I had to pretend to be cheerful with my good-byes as they departed.

10:20 – Grandma says, “I bet they get out early today.”   So, I looked up the school closings on-line and discovered, with extreme joy, that the district was closing at 10:30. I had to shoo Grandma to quickly go pick the kids up. Bonus!! When they got home they asked if they could have a couple friends over. The more the merrier, that’s what I always say. At least there is a little snow for them to play in. (because our deprived kids have nothing to play with in the house. poor kids!)






Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Princess!

Anna is the big 3 today!

It was just three short years ago the Dr. asked if we were “ready to have the baby?” It was 4 days before you were scheduled. She thought something just didn’t seem right. You’re growth had slowed down for the last week. And your pulse was slower than what it had been for all the other check-ups. As it turned out the umbilical cord was wrapped around your neck. It wasn’t bad at that point, but it’s a good thing we didn’t have to wait. I am very grateful to have the wonderful doctor that I have.

So, here you are already three. Still making everyone laugh with your silliness, singing lovely songs for us. Who cares if you know the words or not. When you make up your own words, it just makes the songs more fun to listen to. Everyone seems drawn to you. While at the Catholic Schools week pizza party, I don’t think your feet touched the floor the whole time we were there. Several different kids felt the need to carry you around. Good thing you enjoy the attention.






Zonked after a hard day of playing, still wearing her new “sunshine shirt”.


And here’s a shot of the back of her head. The bald spot is where the huge lump was that she got from falling off the counter back about a week before Thanksgiving. Wonder if the hair will ever grow there again??



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