Friday, May 30, 2008

Minnesota's Other Season

Yes, as winter is slowly fading, our other season is ushering in. That would be the Mosquito season.

Over Memorial weekend we got to enjoy the presence of a cousin spending the night. The kids thought it would be a good idea to camp out outside. So they set up camp right on the deck. Wouldn't want to be too far from the door. (Baby steps) (BTW, we were informed we have werewolves in our backyard. Can you say... too much Scooby Do?!?!) Well, it only took like 834 trips in and out of the house to get all set up and whatever else they could think of just to go in and out of the house. One of those time of opening the screen door let in the new season. It was a giant mosquito, the size of my hand. Oh, I guess it was the size of Anna's hand. It was huge! Alex got a picture of it just before it met it's demise.


Ok, now here's the real one just so you know it was for real. Although there is nothing in the picture to compare it's size to, it really was huge.IMG_3994


The cousin got to go out four-wheeling with Brent and the kids. She says she had a great time. She wants her own four-wheeler now. (lol sorry Brian, it's catchy)


Isn't she cute?



Anna loves the outdoors so much, she has figured out that if she puts a box by the door, she can reach the handle! IMG_3991She probably would have gotten the door open and fallen on her face had she been given the chance. She can get the sliding screen door to the deck open though. We need to make sure that door stays locked when we IMG_3993 want her to stay inside! She's so smart. What can I say, she takes after her mom!








A New Gift From God

LOL, no it's not us this time. Silly people!

While we were stuck in the belly of the whale we got news from the outside world that our new nephew/cousin arrived. He was born May 16th.


Welcome to the world Elijah!

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In The Belly of the Whale

I think I know what Jonah felt like when he was swallowed by a whale. Since we put our house on the market we have been going through things, and getting rid of everything we don't need or want to move. Which is a huge part of our house. The worst so far was going through the toys. I think we spent about three months on sorting all the toys that contain 1,362 pieces each.


OK, so maybe it was only like 6 days. Surely it would have been longer if our realtor hadn't called and said, "Can we show your house tonight?" That was Wednesday of this week. That was a stressful day, but I am thankful we have people at least interested in the house, and it was a great motivator to get that daunting task done. No thanks to the kids, I might add. Their theme song through this whole ordeal has been "We are the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"


Now we have a new rule for our household. No toys are allowed to enter that contain 1,362 pieces. Those toys that only have 2 pieces.... we MAY consider those. Depending on the mood of the day.

Back to the belly we will go, and onward we will trudge until we've got the whole belly house cleaned out.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Only A 3 Year Old

This is what she did tonight after going to bed. At least the blankets are nice and neat on my lampshade this time. And... yes, that is a pair of tights on her head. She is such a creative little girl.




Today when asked why she put the tights on her head, she said, "To keep my hair out of my eyes." Well shoot, how could I have not known that??

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My Rabbit

Elizabeth (1st Grade) brought this paper home that she did a couple weeks ago.IMG_3857 IMG_3859

In case it's not readable, it says:

My Rabbit

      My rabbit's name is Julia. We like to eat chocolate carrots. We dug a hole in Grant's yard. Grant filled it up. We dug it again.

    by Elizabeth



Speaking of rabbits.... we are raising the Energizer Bunny. Emma has been banned from going to sleep in her own room with the other 2 girls, because she just talk to her sisters and plays with things.... for hours. The other 2 can both go right to sleep when Emma is not in there. So, now she has to lay down on our bed until she goes to sleep, then Brent puts her into her own bed.

Here is a sample of what she does after sheIMG_3802 is in bed. She redecorated my plain and boring lamp shade. She made me a much more colorful and IMG_3803interesting bedspread, and she tried on a bunch of Anna's clothes. Here she has on a lovely ensembleIMG_3806 consisting of her own favorite Dora nightgown, Anna's pretty white tights, and an adorable little yellow baby hat.






Now.... are you sitting down???



Look at this.... we have a whole room done!!!!

IMG_3850 IMG_3854

Yes, this is the "pool table" room. The same room that just a week ago you could not even walk into the doorway. It was filled front to back almost to the ceiling with all our treasures. Now all that's left is a couple empty boxes, some things that we really do need to store, and some sheet rock. Now we will need to get that room barricaded, so that the rest of our treasures can't just escape into there without us going through them. Yep, our things move about our house all by themselves, because our kids always keep things put away in their proper places.

Now, back to work I go.