Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

We are spending this Christmas living with Grandma and Grandpa. The house is pretty much ready for us to move in. Just a few minor finishing things need to be done, but it’s mostly the weather right now that has prevented us from getting any moving done.

Here are a few a lot of pictures of the kids opening up gifts after coming home from Christmas Eve Mass.

IMG_5129 IMG_5118IMG_5122

IMG_5123 IMG_5128 IMG_5131 IMG_5134 IMG_5135 IMG_5139 IMG_5141 IMG_5143 IMG_5144 IMG_5145 IMG_5148 IMG_5150 IMG_5151 Our Angel painting that Elizabeth made in school.IMG_5152Very sweet cards that Joseph made for us. IMG_5154 Really cool lighted glass block that Matthew made for us in school.IMG_5167IMG_5157 I got Brent a GPS so he wouldn’t get lost while out off-roading. He was very fond of his new Littlest Pet Shop set he got too. LOL

Christmas morning before going to the relatives we stopped at the house to see what Santa brought. He left us a Skee Ball machine and 2 Plasma cars. They are ride on cars that are powered by steering side to side. Pretty cool!!

IMG_5180 IMG_5183 IMG_5327IMG_5326

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Almost Done!

There has been a lot going on at the house this week. Here's the most updated pictures I have...........

IMG_5007 IMG_5009 IMG_5010IMG_5031 IMG_5008 So, the trim is all done, walls are painted, and most of the flooring is done. This week they are finishing up the plumbing, electrical, laying the carpet in the kids' rooms, and the cabinets are being finished up and installed. Then we will need all hands on deck to do the final clean up, then it should be about ready to move into.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

House update

Thanks Paul for being a trooper and cutting all the tiles. I'd recommend you and Brent to anyone that is looking for tile layers. Though, I know they couldn't pay you guys enough to want to do it again. LOL

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Emma thought we needed some excitement!

On Saturday as we were starting to get ready to go to Mass, Emma thought she'd make it a little exciting. (You know, since it's been so boring around here lately.) She found a little pocket knife in a desk, and opened it up to check it out. Normally she doesn't even touch sharp knives. She asks for help when something needs cutting. Well, when she went to shut it she sliced her thumb open. It was cut from the tip down all the way through her finger nail. I think she screamed for 1.5 minutes at the top of her lungs with out taking a breath. Since Brent was working on our floor, Grandma and Grandpa ran her to the ER. She had to wait.... so Grandma stayed with her and the rest of us went off to church. (BTW, on our way to church, Joseph suggested we pray for Emma, so we did. My kids may not always show it, but they really do care for each other.) She was still crying when they got to the ER, and some kind young lady that has a little girl of her own brought over a packet of fruit snacks for Emma and magically she stopped crying. She had to wait almost 3 1/2 hours before she got to see a doctor. When the doc finally saw her he brought in 2 ambulance guy to help hold her down while he gave her a numbing shot and stitch her up. My big brave Emma didn't even need those guys to hold her. She handed over her thumb and he did his job and she didn't even cry. The doctor was very surprised and impressed. After he numbed it he had to check if it was cut all the way through. Sure enough it was. So she got a stitch on the skin side and one through the nail. She will have to go back there a week from Thursday to get the stitches out. She's been a big girl about it. We are supposed to keep the bandages changed daily.   Now for the ishy pictures....

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

CSI: Science Museum

Alex and Grandpa were treated to a trip to St. Paul IMG_4994(for their birthdays) to see the Art Car Show. Well, really that was just the bonus, and it was only one car.
The real attraction was the CSI: The Experience exhibit at the Science Museum. We found IMG_4988human remains in the desert and had to figure out who it was and how they died. It was pretty interesting learning about the forensic science and technology they use now to solve crimes.
  Alex and Brent....
 IMG_4991and Grandpa and Joseph using the computers to put pieces of the puzzle together. IMG_4992 IMG_4993 Here Brent is studying the chemical make up of several different types of beer to determine which is the best one to drink.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My choir boys

Alex and Joseph had their first choir concert last night. Brent and Emma went, I stayed home with the rest of the kids. Brent said they did very well. After each grade did their own songs they did one song at the end all together.

Both boys are really enjoying the choir and both plan on continuing to be in it as long as they are in school.

And... since we are still homeless and living out of boxes, I could not find our video camera. So, we had to use Grandmas digital camera to take some lesser quality video. Brent was able to get one song of each grade alone, then the one they did together at the end.    Just so you know, if you hear any kids singing out of tune... it could not possibly be either of mine.  :)

Here is Joseph's class.... He is the handsome on the left with the red and gray striped shirt.

Alex's class.... He's the handsome one in the middle with the dark shirt with the light stripe across it.


And the combined choirs.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Overnight Surprise


It's not supposed to snow yet. We don't have our driveway poured. Hopefully the sun will pop out to melt it all away today.IMG_4984 IMG_4986

Kids were just a wee bit excited this morning, naturally. The snow is perfect for snowballs or for making a snowman. Of course they chose to engage in a little snowball fight before heading off to school. IMG_4987

This is actually the second snowfall. First one, it all melted as it hit the ground.

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