Sunday, August 24, 2008


The years are sure whizzing by... Emma is already 4!!! 

Emma is a very curious sort, in case you couldn't tell. I love how she is not afraid to try anything (well, except for new foods). She loves to learn about everything.

People are always drawn to Emma. Wherever we go people will watch her/talk to her, comment about how CUTE she is.IMG_4195

IMG_0935 Feb 2007 062 Feb 2007 065 IMG_0954 IMG_1417

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Pool

The kids bought themselves a pool. Poor Brent was kept busy with that while it was up. Of course it's back down now, you know, it's Minnesota and we only have 2 weeks of summer. Plus we are vagrants now, and it is a little bit too big to have in our Suburban with us. They did enjoy it very much in between all the packing we had to do.IMG_4798 IMG_4801

Note to selves for next summer: When they say make sure to put pool on level ground, it's for a reason! The pool will move down the hill!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Deadly Weapons

No doubt my title will bring by a whole new set of people stopping by my blog.

Since I'm so famous and people are swarming me all the time I needed to hire a group of body guards. They only cost me a few years of karate lessons.   LOL, whatever, it doesn't hurt to dream.

On July 24th the kids tested for new belt ranks. Elizabeth, IMG_4644our pint sized Karate Kid went from an  orange belt to a GOLD belt.






Matthew was  a green beltIMG_4652 and tested for his PURPLE belt. 






AND... Alex and Joseph tested from their brown belts... IMG_4661 IMG_4657 RED belts!  That means their next belt will be BLACK!


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