Friday, September 28, 2007

Chocolate pudding covered Kix anyone?

Wow it was a beautiful fall day today. We spent the afternoon hanging out outside. Everything was going well, then Emma very urgently had to go in and use the bathroom. Couldn't have been even five minutes and she came out carrying a bowl full of chocolate pudding. She asked if she could have some, I said "No, we can have it for supper... Wait, I mean with supper, errr after you eat your supper." She said "Oh, fine then" and brought it back in the house. Probably ten minutes went by and I herded the rest of the gang to come in to eat supper. This is when Emma emerged back outside. I asked her if she was eating the pudding. She said "No, blah blah blah something cereal blah blah." I said "What? You were eating cereal?... Let's just go in and see." She goes to the table and gets the bowl of pudding and says, "See? I got the cereal in the pudding" Nice. As gross as that sounds, the kids gobbled it up after they ate their suppers. Brent was a little bummed, he really likes his chocolate pudding. I think he should have just tried it. Maybe he would have liked it too.

"Reuben" (Oceans 13, another good movie)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I will not...I will not...I will not...

Ok. Elizabeth came home last week with a paper to show me. I read it and I busted out laughing. Of course, I had to tell her it's not funny do things that get you into trouble in school. Then I asked her what happened. She said she scared Cheyenne (her best friend) while the 2 of them were in the bathroom. I asked if Cheyenne told on her. She said "no." Ok then, were you loud when you scared her then? "No." Well how did your teacher know you did this then? "Because when I scared Cheyenne she screamed really loud and the teacher could hear it in the classroom." As you can probably guess there is a lot of "scaring" that goes on around here. Almost every night when dad comes home, somebody is waiting around the corner of the door to scare him... Works most nights. Just a normal thing around here, everybody tries to scare everybody else. THANKS PAUL C.! I'll blame you for this.

I will venture to say I am the only mom on this planet to have to "sign and return" a paper like this.

William Tell Overture for Moms

Had to share this video... Everything a mom says in a day condenced into 3 min.
I wish I could say it all in 3 min. then be done for the day.

Dora's Here

Elizabeth: "Mom, Dora's here."

Mom: "That's nice."

Elizabeth: "Mom! Dora's here."

Mom: "O.k.! Did Boots and Swiper come with her?"

Elizabeth: "MOM! Come out here and see Dora!"

Mom: "I'm coming!"

Elizabeth was told to go get out her clothes for school the next morning. She brought them out and dressed up the handle of the mini-trampoline with her clothes and back-pack and put the Dora head basket on top. Where do they come up with all there creative ideas?

"Dumb Dumb, you give me gum gum"

Just thought I'd share this picture of Elizabeth. She came to me to ask if she could have some gum. She was dressed like the Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape package.
"Dumb Dumb, you give me gum gum." from Night at the Museum. (Good movie)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh My Aching Back

This is what the boys were doing as we were trying to get ready for church this past weekend. I guess they felt the need to be good and limbered up before church. Ya know, it is quite a work out at church standing and kneeling. BTW.... Alex has not straightened up since!

Just in case you can't tell. These top 2 pictures are of Joseph. He was the ring leader of this little stretch session.

Next is Alex and in the fourth picture is Matthew. Of course I had to put on the picture Anna folding in half. lol.. She's just to lazy to crawl to a toy to chew on, so she just chews on her toes.
Ah, to be so flexible again...

Muddy kids

The kids went out four-wheeling this past weekend out in the fields behind our neighborhood. (Yes, they were wearing helmets. They are not aloud to ride with-out them) They found some mud. Joseph wants everyone to know that they were doing "donuts" in the mud. Must have been the highlight for him. Joseph's four-wheeler chain fell off, so he was riding with his dad on the big one for a while. He decided to peek out around Brent to see where they were going, and just then Brent drove through a large mud puddle. lol, Joseph got splatted right in the face. Alex wants everyone to know that he was the only smart one because he was the only one to wear a jacket to cover up his nice white shirt. I don't know why in the world you would even think wearing white shirt out four-wheeling is a smart thing though. When they were done riding, we did a load of all the muddy clothes and after the load was done.... there was still mud in the washing machine. We're still finding mud today in the house that needed to be cleaned up.
I am glad they were able to get out to have fun on that beautiful day. I supose we won't have to many of those days left this year.

Monday, September 24, 2007

"Nobody ever"

Now, your probably thinking, this blog is going to be all about life with 6 kids. Well, they aren't the only ones around here that keep things... ah, interesting. Brent, (my husband for anyone that may stumble on to this blog) does his share of entertaining things, too. O.K., I will admit, I have maybe done a couple entertaining things too. They will probably never get mentioned though. lol. Anyway, just tonight as Brent was getting out cereal from the cereal cupboard (yes, we have a whole cupboard dedicated to cereal.. doesn't everybody?) for in the morning, he grabbed the bottom of the Cheerios box, it was laying on it's side, and tipped it upside down and dumped a nice pile of cereal on the floor. He grumbled something about "nobody ever can put the cereals away right". Nevermind looking at the box to see which end is up, since "nobody ever" puts the cereal away right. Just yank it out of the cupboard and blame someone else for the mess that has been made. At least he swept it up right away, unlike the kids. Now if it was me.... I think I might have left the room, come back and started asking the kids who made the mess and didn't clean it up. Only because I love to hear them blame "Not Me".

......Yes, I think I'm going to have lots of fun with this. I hope you enjoy!