Monday, March 31, 2008

Where did I park??

Have you ever gone somewhere, parked your vehicle, gone in, and then come out and your vehicle is seemingly misplaced?? Well this happened to grandma when she came over today. It had already been snowing for a while before she got here. Then she drove up the driveway and couldn't quite make it up to the top because of the slippery snow, so she just parked where she made it to. She came in and started to give my 2 littlest girls a bath. Then Alex went to ask grandma why she didn't park up in the driveway. Grandma was thinking maybe it was April Fools day and Alex was pulling her leg, but nope. he was serious. IMG_3598Her van slid all the way back down the driveway and came to a stop less then 9" from the mailbox. Thankfully it didn't hit anything or go straight into the street into another car. I'm thinking it's a good thing we have Guardian Angels.

I think they forecasted only 3 weeks of summer this year. Yikes! IMG_3602


Happy Birthday Matthew (Yesterday)

Matthew is getting so old. 9 already!IMG_3595

Brent took last Friday off and surprised the boys by taking them to the Water Park of America. That was for Matthew and Joseph's birthday presents. The girls and I hung out at home. The boys were surprised and excited, they had been wanting to go for a long time. They played hard and came home exhausted. They said it was very busy there. Spring break time I suppose. Joseph went right to bed, but Matthew and Alex had just enough energy to talk my ear off for over an hour telling me all about the fun they had.

I've added a video of Alex surfing there, and a couple pictures, but they are from the first time we went there about 2 years ago.

Then Saturday Brent's family came to celebrate Matthew's birthday with us. IMG_3594 All the boys went out four-wheeling. (Well, Paul R. convinced Amanda she needed to go out too... just so he could spray mud at her. She changed to quick when she got back for anyone to get a picture though.) IMG_3591 The mud they brought back home must have weighed about as much as a car. Oh well, it's all about the fun! Plus Brent is in charge of the mud clean up, so it doesn't bother me at all.

Then on Sunday after church we headed up to Sauk Centre to catch up with our friends, the Rivers. It's always fun to get the kids together, and they all get along, so that's a bonus. They also served us a wonderful supper.

So, the weekend went by way too fast, but it was fun.


The kids made me do this video. I do not want anyone saying anything to me about it either, because I watched it and I already know how bad it is. This is what crazy moms that love their kids do.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Giant Easter Snowman


We had a wonderful Easter, of course. My family all came to our house to celebrate the day. Thanks to grandma we had lots of great food to feast on. To wrap up our day together, we made a birthday greeting video for my grandma's surprise 88th birthday party in June. We made our video IMG_3544in front of this giant (almost 12 feet tall) snowman. My cousins, (right next door to my parents house) were building this huge snowman Easter day. Apparently they had way too much energy and my uncle kicked them out of the house. I have now lost all hope of my kids growing out of that stage. 

The cousin with the "California" shirt on... not sure if he really helped with the building part. Perhaps his helmet was on too tight. LOL


We got a group shot of our whole family. Too bad the one that we all look normal in the snowman's head was cut off.  It's a good thing it didn't take long to get a family shot and do the video, because it was quite cold standing out there.IMG_3551

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Winter laughs in the face of Spring!

I just love spring time in Minnesota. We get more snow in one day (Friday)than we got all winter?!? It sure put a grin on Brents face though. It was also the first day of the kids' Easter break. They have all of next week off too. But the snow should all be gone again by the end of Monday. Supposed to get up to 50F. Yippeee!! We ventured out in the snow yesterday to go to Good Friday services. There were a lot of people that forgot how to drive in the snow and had gotten themselves stuck. lol
Today we are getting ready for a house full of people for Easter. We are having Easter here, because I have refused to travel anymore than 10 minutes in the car with Anna. Maybe when she is 3 or 4 we can travel with her. lol
The boys will be serving at the 9a.m. Mass in the morning, so we need to get finished cleaning up and get to bed early. How's that saying.... early to bed, early to rise, makes us healthy, wealthy and wise? That must not be right, because we are none of them.
Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Angry Wheelchair

Emma: "Mommy, you have an angry wheelchair!"
Mom: "What?!?"
Emma: "Your wheelchair is angry, because it ran over my toes the other day."
Mom: "Oh, well my chair is sorry then."

Emma is not a typical 3 year old. (In my experiences of 3 year olds anyway.) She remembers everything. And always says very funny or interesting things. I really need to write down more of the things she says.

The other day we were looking at some pictures of Disneyland, and we saw some kids next to Pooh and Tigger. Emma said, "Oh, they got to see Pooh and Tigger, but I didn't know they were giants."

Within the past couple months she started to tell me she wants to be a nun when she grows up, because "I love Jesus, and that's what he would want me to be."


Anna decided that she likes Doritos. While Alex and I were at the other side of the counter, working on school work, Anna quietly snuck into the chip cabinet and started to pull out all the chip bags. Then dumped the Doritos, so she could eat them up. When we went to see what was going on, right away she hands over the chip and says "thank you". She's so polite. lol
I think it's a good thing she didn't get the bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos open. Probably would have turned her into a very unpleasant little girl!!


Joseph's snowman he made in school. He's so proud of it. lol I think he said he named it "Buddy" or something like that.

He keeps telling me he's torn about what he wants to do next year. Go on to the middle school over there or be home schooled. I'm torn too. Guess we need to do some serious praying.


I wonder what the kids were trying to convey when they put the mobile on Anna's head???
Just today she was playing in the girls' room and climbed up the ladder to Elizabeth's bed. When I went into the room to check on her, she darted for the back wall of the bed. Then when Alex went up to get her down, she started to whack him in the face.

I should really start drinking something more healthy than diet Sunkist. I am such a softy when this sweet face asks me for a drink of my pop. Or anything for that matter. If I drank something healthy she probably wouldn't even ask me for some, and if she did, it wouldn't really matter.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tooth Fairy Time

Elizabeth finally lost her first baby tooth. (last Wednesday) It was so loose that when it came out there was no blood. The tooth was ready to come out for a few days but Elizabeth was not quite ready. She was a little nervous that it might hurt. The best part about it for her was that fact that she could now use a straw without even opening her teeth. The most impressive part for me was that the Tooth Fairy actually came when she was supposed to and I didn't have to try to come up with some lame excuse for why she missed our house.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Floors Are DONE!!

Oh happy day! Last week Brent finished up the floor. Thanks to grandpa, Pete and the boys for lending a hand as they had the time. Kids have been enjoying the floor too. They decided that roller blading through the living room and down the hall was great fun. Well, the rollerblading was fine, but the falling was not so great for the floor. Floor was only done for a few days and we already have a...... slight flaw in the floor. We had to put a break on the roller blades. lol Oh well, such is the life with kids.

The very same night Brent finished putting the trim back up around the the floor he told the kids to start unloading the front closet! Now, those of you that have ever been here and have helped the kids get/find their boots, hats, or mittens know how stuffed our front closet is storing 8 people's winter coats, boots and the rest of our winter gear. The first 2 pictures as you can see are after the kids already unloaded a ton of stuff.

After the stuff was thrown out into the livingroom, Brent started to put up a closet organizer. This guy is on a roll!!! We now can see our closet floor. There is places for all our stuff now. And, there is still room for more stuff, if we should need it. The closet has been done for 5 days now and it is still neat and tidy in there. Amazing! I have been on closet patrol though. Making sure the kids hang their jackets and put the rest of their stuff away where it belongs.