Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"I love you"

This morning I woke up to Emma Rose handing me a piece of paper and saying, "I wrote a note for you mom. It says I love you."

It's things like this that make everything worth it.

Enough said.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We're supposed to clean under the stove?!?

It was quite the disgusting site when Brent pulled the stove out so he could start on the floor. (Mom, I don't recall ever seeing you clean under the stove, or hearing you tell me to do this. Did you do it while we were in bed or at school?? Did you forget to tell me?!?)

There was another strange thing we found behind the stove on the wall. Apparently when Paul C helped with the painting there was a thing on the wall. He thought maybe it was like an end cap on something that was coming out the wall there. So, he just slapped some paint right on top of it. Check out the close-up picture and see if you can tell what it is.

Yep.... it's a cap to a juice container. Stuck to the wall!!! If we pull it off now there will be a white circle. I think we'll just leave it there and if we ever move, the next owners can wonder what in the world it is. LOL
Tile is all down, Brent just needs to do the grout. It's looking so much better in the kitchen.

Our neighborhood dorks messing around Some fine young neighborhood boys got just a little carried away going aroung the corner. Just like they do every time they drive through here. Only this time they got stuck in that giant snow bank on the other side of the road. The innocent pedestrian stopped to watch, she probably thought they were going to break free and run her over. He was only stuck for about 5 minutes before his buddy came and pushed him out. Maybe their next vehicle should be a Jeep. (right Brent??)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Sillies

That oh so lovely picture of me, nice huh? Brent and the kids were trying to hijack my blog to put that on here. Guess they thought it was funny or something. Whatever.


Kitchen Update

beforeso up.....Can't wait til the floor is done. This should have been done 13 years ago when we moved here. Paul C. is coming to help Brent this coming weekend. Should be interesting. Neither one of them has laid tile before.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Uh oh"

I'm back. I just know you all have been on the edge of your seats waiting for my next post. LOL
The kids' school Christmas program was wonderful. It's always a treat to listen to the kids singing Christmas songs. (June and Marge, I will work on getting the video of the program up on here so if your ever bored some day you can enjoy watching the kids)
So Anna is talking now. She says "bapba" grandpa (or grandma depending on which one she's looking at) (I'm so proud this child has just skipped over mama and dada) and she also says "uh oh". She plays the game of throwing the food on the floor so she can practise saying uh oh. It's so much fun.
Anna's "Uh Oh" would have been most appropriate last weekend at church. Joseph was altar serving and during the Agnus Dei he turned pale and had a look of panic on his face. Then because he "didn't want the other server to have to finish serving all by himself" (what a thoughtful young man) he leaned over to rest his arm and head on the altar and proceeded to throw up over the side. Not once, but twice. Ugghh. He wasn't even sick before or after that. Just one of those things, I guess.

I'll be back..............