Monday, April 28, 2008

An award? For Me??

tiara from Angie at Keep Believing

Damama awarded me these crown jewels because I am Queen Bossy of my domain raising "6 wild injuns insaniacs angels".

Well, thank you for the award! Really the award should be going to the people behind the scenes who help me out every day to make my job look easy. I would pass it on to them, but none of them have their own blog. Oh well, I will wear it proudly for them.

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Happy Birthday Brent

I'm only a day late.

How nice it was to have a blizzard for IMG_3749Brent's birthday. Maybe I'll get snow for my birthday too.

The picture is from Saturday. Sundays snow was actually kind of pretty (If ever snow in April could be pretty) with the great big snow flakes. Anyway, back to the birthday. Man, Brent is getting pretty old. (cough37cough) What was I thinking marrying a guy so much older than me. I guess his good qualities out weighed the huge age difference. Not too many guys would be too keen on giving their wife 18 piggy back rides on a snowy, 42 below wind chill day, just to go window shopping. Thank you Brent!

Brent just told me age doesn't matter as long as your young at heart. He also added that it would be nice if his body would play along and feel young too.




It looks like Emma has a twin out there somewhere that we don't know about. I got a magazine recently, and when it came Alex noticed the girl on the front looks a lot like Emma.



And......... yesterday, that mischievous beautiful little model look a-like of ours got into a little trouble. As I was reading an e-mail in the school room, Emma was sitting behind me on one of the kids' desks. I heard something that didn't sound very good. I asked Emma what that noise was and she said, "You mean that cutting pants noise?" Sure enough she was cutting her pants with a scissors. Right in front behind me. Then I went and made a huge parenting mistake... I laughed at her. Yea, you people that know her, picture that sweet little voice saying that line so matter-of-factly and not laugh.

Yes, God knew what he was doing giving us this child as number 5 instead of 1 or 2. He didn't want to scare us from having more kids.

Friday, April 25, 2008


They predicted right, and it's been snowing off and on since early afternoon.


Just the other day Alex said to me, "Use your imagination. It's a fort, not a mess." I guess I need to work on getting back my imagination.

Couple more silly quotes:

Emma: "Grandma's not a contractor, she's a Good Will girl"

Alex: "We should put Matthew in a wine (whine) bottle.

Emma: "But his big fat head won't fit in the bottle!"

Emma (aka Sassy Girl): "When I tell you to look at the yo-yo, you look. Is that clear?!"

Joseph: "It made me feel like a criminal!" talking about how they took pictures of his mouth at the dentist. Holding a piece of paper and turning for side shots.

Every time I hear a big crash (which is quite often)... "I'm OK Mommy!!"

And one from long long ago, Alex: "It's noisy outside" every time something was scary to him.

laundryDon't remember where I found this but, the definition fits for our house.

And thanks to J & M for sending this valuable info on to us:

Hang on to any of the new Minnesota Quarters if you have them, they maybe worth much more than 25 cents.
The US Mint announced today that it is

recalling all of the Minnesota quarters that are part of its program featuring quarters from each state.
This action is being taken after numerous reports that the new quarters will not work in parking meters, toll booths, vending machines, pay phones or any other coin
operated devices.
The problem lies in the unique design of the Minnesota Quarter, which was designed by a team of Norwegian specialists. Apparently the duct tape holding the two dimes and the nickel together keeps jamming up the machines.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday Joseph!

Wow, it's been over 3 weeks since I've posted anything! Busy, busy, busy!

Well, I thought I was going to be able to put a picture of Joseph with his beautiful birthday cake, but nope. My camera was loaned out and somebody that was taking pictures (we won't mention any names, but her name starts with Grandma and ends with Judy) was supposed to email me some pictures. So here is just a everyday boring picture of the birthday boy... IMG_3459

I really have no idea why he would even consider putting the babies smelly pants on his head. OK I will admit, weirdness just runs in the family.

Oh, I had a great full length song I was going to sing and put on here dedicated to Joseph, but, darn the luck. I have no video tape to put in the camera. I'm so bummed, as I'm sure everyone else better be is.


So, we have been super busy doing some major "spring cleaning". Maybe we'll be done by the time spring actually gets here. lol Anyway, those of you that know what our school room usually looks like, you would probably faint if you saw the progress we have made. I have the dreaded closet in there to go through yet, but then one whole room will be completely "spring cleaned". Yippeee! Pack Rat Brent is doing a great job of cleaning out his crap treasure trove of goodies that he has been hoarding that he has neatly stored away, also. It's amazing how much stuff a family of 8 can accumulate. It's going to be so nice to get it all gone. The kids are not liking it though. We find things that nobody has touched in years, try to send it to the garage sale pile, and they have a fit. I try to explain to them that we can not keep everything we have, we just don't have the room for all this stuff. So, a lot of things (that they don't even know we have) are disappearing when they are not around. We need you all to cheer us on really loud so we can hear you and be motivated to keep on weeding through the stuff.


Yesterday..... 73 glorious degrees. Tomorrow..... a chance of....  SNOW!!!  Will it ever end?!?! Global warming?? Whatever!

I need summer.... I feel like a prisoner, locked up in my own house.



Now the fun stuff.........

No picture for this one, (Brent was way too efficient and cleaned it up right away) Emma took a black Sharpie permanent marker and drew a huge circle on the wall by the girls' bedroom door. I asked her why in the world she would do that. "Well, I had to make a doorbell for the boys to use to come into our room." She is such a creative young lady!


Have you ever taken a shower, gotten all dried off and dressed, come out of the IMG_3646bathroom, and hear, "Umm, I think you forgot to rinse your hair. It's full of soap!" Poor Joseph must have had a lot on his mind that night. Just couldn't remember everything he needed to do.



Babies are attracted to toilets, because they IMG_3633see it a whole different way than we do. It's their size, it's like a catcher for all things they can fit in their tiny little hands, it has water (babies just love to splash water), it's sparkling clean (ok maybe not that one), it's something they can CONQUER!




Dorkman or Batman... I'll let you decide.


And just one more, so I can get to bed at a decent time...

Major Bed Head

IMG_3624 IMG_3626

This is how Anna looked after her beauty rest! She was mighty proud of it too.