Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My choir boys

Alex and Joseph had their first choir concert last night. Brent and Emma went, I stayed home with the rest of the kids. Brent said they did very well. After each grade did their own songs they did one song at the end all together.

Both boys are really enjoying the choir and both plan on continuing to be in it as long as they are in school.

And... since we are still homeless and living out of boxes, I could not find our video camera. So, we had to use Grandmas digital camera to take some lesser quality video. Brent was able to get one song of each grade alone, then the one they did together at the end.    Just so you know, if you hear any kids singing out of tune... it could not possibly be either of mine.  :)

Here is Joseph's class.... He is the handsome on the left with the red and gray striped shirt.

Alex's class.... He's the handsome one in the middle with the dark shirt with the light stripe across it.


And the combined choirs.

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1 comment:

Damama T said...

Very talented bunch of kids. I would have loved to have seen the director allow the kids to do some hand motions with the Kids of the Future song, though. It just begged for a big air punch when they yelled "KIDS!" lol!

(my frustrated inner choreographer is showing again! LOL!)