Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Brent

I'm only a day late.

How nice it was to have a blizzard for IMG_3749Brent's birthday. Maybe I'll get snow for my birthday too.

The picture is from Saturday. Sundays snow was actually kind of pretty (If ever snow in April could be pretty) with the great big snow flakes. Anyway, back to the birthday. Man, Brent is getting pretty old. (cough37cough) What was I thinking marrying a guy so much older than me. I guess his good qualities out weighed the huge age difference. Not too many guys would be too keen on giving their wife 18 piggy back rides on a snowy, 42 below wind chill day, just to go window shopping. Thank you Brent!

Brent just told me age doesn't matter as long as your young at heart. He also added that it would be nice if his body would play along and feel young too.




It looks like Emma has a twin out there somewhere that we don't know about. I got a magazine recently, and when it came Alex noticed the girl on the front looks a lot like Emma.



And......... yesterday, that mischievous beautiful little model look a-like of ours got into a little trouble. As I was reading an e-mail in the school room, Emma was sitting behind me on one of the kids' desks. I heard something that didn't sound very good. I asked Emma what that noise was and she said, "You mean that cutting pants noise?" Sure enough she was cutting her pants with a scissors. Right in front behind me. Then I went and made a huge parenting mistake... I laughed at her. Yea, you people that know her, picture that sweet little voice saying that line so matter-of-factly and not laugh.

Yes, God knew what he was doing giving us this child as number 5 instead of 1 or 2. He didn't want to scare us from having more kids.


My boys are Army Brats said...

Wow that picture looks a ton like your daughter!


Off to read more I go!

Damama T said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT! You are right - it's all just numbers. What a good sport you were for toting the Queen around all day on your birthday. Please don't tell me that the crown I gave her has gone TO her head instead of just ON it! ;o)
UMM, Lisa, did you check to see where birthday boy was 9 months and a few days give or take before YOUR little girl was born?? (What, Brent? Did you really think I was gonna let you have all the fun and not get picked on a little, too??) LOL!

That similarity is really amazing. But yours is cuter. Much cuter!