Monday, May 5, 2008

My Rabbit

Elizabeth (1st Grade) brought this paper home that she did a couple weeks ago.IMG_3857 IMG_3859

In case it's not readable, it says:

My Rabbit

      My rabbit's name is Julia. We like to eat chocolate carrots. We dug a hole in Grant's yard. Grant filled it up. We dug it again.

    by Elizabeth



Speaking of rabbits.... we are raising the Energizer Bunny. Emma has been banned from going to sleep in her own room with the other 2 girls, because she just talk to her sisters and plays with things.... for hours. The other 2 can both go right to sleep when Emma is not in there. So, now she has to lay down on our bed until she goes to sleep, then Brent puts her into her own bed.

Here is a sample of what she does after sheIMG_3802 is in bed. She redecorated my plain and boring lamp shade. She made me a much more colorful and IMG_3803interesting bedspread, and she tried on a bunch of Anna's clothes. Here she has on a lovely ensembleIMG_3806 consisting of her own favorite Dora nightgown, Anna's pretty white tights, and an adorable little yellow baby hat.






Now.... are you sitting down???



Look at this.... we have a whole room done!!!!

IMG_3850 IMG_3854

Yes, this is the "pool table" room. The same room that just a week ago you could not even walk into the doorway. It was filled front to back almost to the ceiling with all our treasures. Now all that's left is a couple empty boxes, some things that we really do need to store, and some sheet rock. Now we will need to get that room barricaded, so that the rest of our treasures can't just escape into there without us going through them. Yep, our things move about our house all by themselves, because our kids always keep things put away in their proper places.

Now, back to work I go.

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Elizabeth said...

Great Job! I too have objects and boxes that move from room to room, I think it is while we sleep!
Keep up the good work.
Blessings, EJT