Friday, August 22, 2008

New Pool

The kids bought themselves a pool. Poor Brent was kept busy with that while it was up. Of course it's back down now, you know, it's Minnesota and we only have 2 weeks of summer. Plus we are vagrants now, and it is a little bit too big to have in our Suburban with us. They did enjoy it very much in between all the packing we had to do.IMG_4798 IMG_4801

Note to selves for next summer: When they say make sure to put pool on level ground, it's for a reason! The pool will move down the hill!

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Elizabeth said...

Good note to self!
We had the same problem with our first "simple set" pool...The ground LOOKED level...till we filled it! Glad you got some use out of it!
Blessings, E

Damama T said...

LOL! I have this visual of you guys all trying to change out of wet suits in the back of the burb while the pool goes sliding its merry way down the hill! LOL! How did they manage to save enough money to buy it for themselves. That's pretty dang impressive!