Friday, August 1, 2008

Deadly Weapons

No doubt my title will bring by a whole new set of people stopping by my blog.

Since I'm so famous and people are swarming me all the time I needed to hire a group of body guards. They only cost me a few years of karate lessons.   LOL, whatever, it doesn't hurt to dream.

On July 24th the kids tested for new belt ranks. Elizabeth, IMG_4644our pint sized Karate Kid went from an  orange belt to a GOLD belt.






Matthew was  a green beltIMG_4652 and tested for his PURPLE belt. 






AND... Alex and Joseph tested from their brown belts... IMG_4661 IMG_4657 RED belts!  That means their next belt will be BLACK!


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Damama T said...

Careful - they will be kicking you butt before you know it! ;o) LOL! Nah - just roll over their planted foot. That'll learn 'em dern 'em! :O))

Lisa said...

I brought 'em into this world... I can take 'em out. LOL