Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Tie Breaker

Here it comes....



The tie breaker.....


It was nice of the ultrasound tech to capture the baby as it is looking like an alien.

IMG_4981 Yes, it's true, we are having another child. We are happy and the kids are all happy and excited. We already know how some family members will react to our GOOD news. So, you don't even need to say anything to us unless it's positive. We (Brent and I) were going to just keep the news to ourselves, because we are so tired of the things that we have to hear about how many kids we have. But, we decided I would put it up on here, because it's just too exciting to keep to ourselves. Plus, I know that there are people that read the blog that will be happy for us.

I do have to admit that I did have a selfish moment just after we found out. I took that selfish concern to God at Mass one Sunday and said "WHY??" and I didn't hear any voices or anything but instantly into my head came the answer... "because there are so many that are refusing My precious gifts". Very quickly after that I snapped out of my selfish state.

Anyway.... I had an ultrasound today that put the baby at 14.5 weeks. I did have some bleeding around 8 weeks, but the doc says everything is looking good now. I have also been feeling sick a lot, only throwing up a little though. (my kids might tell a different story, but, a little, a lot, it's all relative) The doc put the due date at May 2nd. But since the last 2 were c-section the doc says this one will be too, so she likes to schedule it about a week before the due date. So that would probably mean we'll have it in April. (and no we did not plan for another one in April, we already know there's like 28 birthdays that month already LOL)

AND... we are on the ball this time and have a name picked out already. I know, I know, shocking! We have decided on the name Sequoia.

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Damama T said...

OH MY FLIPPIN' STARS! CONGRATULATIONS! Hubby and Twig both have late April birthdays. Maybe you'll land on one of them.

Lisa said...

Brents b-day is April 27 and Joseph is on the 24th. So we will prob have 3 in just our little family.

See, I know we would have at least one congratulations!

Chera said...

Congratulations! There ARE too many refusing our Lord's "precious gifts" and I admire your point of view, as so few people have it. I would like to announce though, to any family that may be reading....NO, we are not in a race with Brent and Lisa and we AREN't trying to have another to catch up!!!....Yes, I have been asked that already :P

We love you guys!

Lisa said...


Funny.... we were asked that too! Whats up with that??

Lerin said...

Congratulations! We are expecting baby four now, and I'm about 11 weeks. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy, and I loved God's answer to your Why. ;)

Lisa said...

I'm so excited!! 3 whole people congratulated us. That makes up for all the other garbage we have to listen to.

BTW......I was just being silly with us already having a name picked out. We do not have a name and although I GUESS Sequoia COULD be a cute name, it's not our style. LOL

Jillybean said...

(make me #4 to congratulate)
How exciting!

We have two April birthdays. I think it's the perfect time of year to have a baby.

Meredith said...

Congrats! I can't wait to watch the progress of this pregnancy. I just had twins 10 weeks ago.

Elizabeth said...

How fabulous! Good thing the house will be livable by then!
Many Congratulations...I have so many friends with 6+, it is only family that questions our sanity that we are trying to have more!
God IS SO good, hmmm?
Pax Christi,E

mommeeof9 said...

Damama_t said I should visit. We have 9, #10 will even us out again in May, if the dr was right and this is the 5th girl.

Building a house? You are braver than I. With my full time job, hubby's full time job and all the stuff that needs to get done when we are home, I don't think I could handle anything else right now.