Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Anna!

Happy birthday Anna! Hard to believe it’s been 2 years already! At 2 you are a chatter box, talking up a storm all the time. Some times your a little bit too sassy. Most most of the time you say the funniest things. You try your best to keep up with your older siblings. And you like being the center of attention and make everyone laugh. You also like to sing a lot, and you do a wonderful job of it. At your 2 year check-up, the doc said you lost weight. No surprise, since you never eat unless you sneak cookies. But, your head is at 100% for kids your age. No surprise there either, your smart just like me. LOL

From cute bald baby:

new camera anna new camera 102To a beautiful  2 year old princess:IMG_5191IMG_5209IMG_5210IMG_5213IMG_5216IMG_5218This is part of the silliness. “Anna, go grab a new diaper.” And she comes back with one on her head.IMG_5289  IMG_5198 IMG_5199 IMG_5200      IMG_5281In 14 years we’ve only had kids get up in the night maybe 4 or 5 times (this does not include sick kid times) just to say they had a bad dream or to tell me they had to use the potty. But Anna, she had to go and change that. She never did it before we moved, but since we have, she discovered how easy it is to climb out of her crib. If she doesn’t feel like going to sleep, she’ll just climb out of the crib, turn on her light and play, or just leave her room. One night recently, I woke up to a noise in the hall. I laid there and listened a few minutes, and didn’t hear anything else. Just thought maybe I was hearing things and went back to sleep. A little bit later I woke to Anna crying in her room, so I sent Brent to see what was wrong. She didn’t say anything, just went back to sleep. The next morning Emma told me Anna came down to her and Elizabeth’s room and turned on there light, started to climb up the ladder to the bunk bed but fell off and started crying. I didn’t really believe her, until Elizabeth came home from school and said the same thing. So, Anna gets bored in her crib and decides to go visit her sisters in the middle of the night. How sweet of her. Elizabeth and Emma did not really appreciate the light turning on in the middle of the night though.


Kathy said...

She is so adorable!

Damama T said...

She is beautiful. And a beautiful mess! LOL! So how are you doing at keeping her in her room now? That's gotta be a thoughie!

mommeeof9 said...

I have a friend with a son that would leave the house in the middle of the night and wander around the neighborhood when he was 2 or 3. They installed the doorknow on his door backwards, so they could lock it from the outside and keep him safe.