Monday, March 2, 2009

Science Fair - Matthew

Matthews turn to do theIMG_5317 science fair. At St. Philip’s each grade has one first place, one second place and one third place, the rest get a participation ribbon. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place kids get to go to state. Matthew got 3rd place of the fourth graders. He was so excited, he said he “didn’t hear a word they said after they announced my name.” He also said his knees were shaking when he went up to get his award. His topic/subject was, does music affect test taking scores. The whole family got to enjoy helping out Matthew with this project by taking tests 3 nights in a row. He did a great job with it. He did complain and stall, because I wanted this to be his work and not mine. He was hoping I would think for him, but I was persistent in making this be his project. After he got his third place I asked him if he was proud of it. Of course he said “yes”. Then I pointed out to him he wouldn’t be so proud of it if it wasn’t really his work and he agreed. So, now he gets to go to state with his project on May 2nd. Way to go, Matthew!! IMG_5319

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Damama T said...

Way to go Matthew! and Way to go MOM! You both did a great job. Congratulations!