Monday, September 24, 2007

"Nobody ever"

Now, your probably thinking, this blog is going to be all about life with 6 kids. Well, they aren't the only ones around here that keep things... ah, interesting. Brent, (my husband for anyone that may stumble on to this blog) does his share of entertaining things, too. O.K., I will admit, I have maybe done a couple entertaining things too. They will probably never get mentioned though. lol. Anyway, just tonight as Brent was getting out cereal from the cereal cupboard (yes, we have a whole cupboard dedicated to cereal.. doesn't everybody?) for in the morning, he grabbed the bottom of the Cheerios box, it was laying on it's side, and tipped it upside down and dumped a nice pile of cereal on the floor. He grumbled something about "nobody ever can put the cereals away right". Nevermind looking at the box to see which end is up, since "nobody ever" puts the cereal away right. Just yank it out of the cupboard and blame someone else for the mess that has been made. At least he swept it up right away, unlike the kids. Now if it was me.... I think I might have left the room, come back and started asking the kids who made the mess and didn't clean it up. Only because I love to hear them blame "Not Me".

......Yes, I think I'm going to have lots of fun with this. I hope you enjoy!

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