Friday, September 28, 2007

Chocolate pudding covered Kix anyone?

Wow it was a beautiful fall day today. We spent the afternoon hanging out outside. Everything was going well, then Emma very urgently had to go in and use the bathroom. Couldn't have been even five minutes and she came out carrying a bowl full of chocolate pudding. She asked if she could have some, I said "No, we can have it for supper... Wait, I mean with supper, errr after you eat your supper." She said "Oh, fine then" and brought it back in the house. Probably ten minutes went by and I herded the rest of the gang to come in to eat supper. This is when Emma emerged back outside. I asked her if she was eating the pudding. She said "No, blah blah blah something cereal blah blah." I said "What? You were eating cereal?... Let's just go in and see." She goes to the table and gets the bowl of pudding and says, "See? I got the cereal in the pudding" Nice. As gross as that sounds, the kids gobbled it up after they ate their suppers. Brent was a little bummed, he really likes his chocolate pudding. I think he should have just tried it. Maybe he would have liked it too.

"Reuben" (Oceans 13, another good movie)

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