Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We're supposed to clean under the stove?!?

It was quite the disgusting site when Brent pulled the stove out so he could start on the floor. (Mom, I don't recall ever seeing you clean under the stove, or hearing you tell me to do this. Did you do it while we were in bed or at school?? Did you forget to tell me?!?)

There was another strange thing we found behind the stove on the wall. Apparently when Paul C helped with the painting there was a thing on the wall. He thought maybe it was like an end cap on something that was coming out the wall there. So, he just slapped some paint right on top of it. Check out the close-up picture and see if you can tell what it is.

Yep.... it's a cap to a juice container. Stuck to the wall!!! If we pull it off now there will be a white circle. I think we'll just leave it there and if we ever move, the next owners can wonder what in the world it is. LOL
Tile is all down, Brent just needs to do the grout. It's looking so much better in the kitchen.

Our neighborhood dorks messing around Some fine young neighborhood boys got just a little carried away going aroung the corner. Just like they do every time they drive through here. Only this time they got stuck in that giant snow bank on the other side of the road. The innocent pedestrian stopped to watch, she probably thought they were going to break free and run her over. He was only stuck for about 5 minutes before his buddy came and pushed him out. Maybe their next vehicle should be a Jeep. (right Brent??)


Damama T said...

THERE YOU ARE!! I remember visiting here several, several, weeks ago. I've been trying to remember how to get back here ever since! I've now subscribed so I can keep better tabs in you.

Two thoughts on this post:
1. NO YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO MOVE THE STOVE ( or the frigde, dishwasher, or washer and dryer)! EVER. AT ALL. I, too learned that the hard way when we took ours out to redo our kitchen last year. There are things under there that could EAT YOUR CHILDREN! And when you move it THEY ESCAPE!

2. It is nice to know that teenagers are ... mmmm... teenagers no matter where they live. I'm just glad the pedestrian wasn't on the other side of the street at the time.

Again, I'm so glad to have found your place again! I'll be back often! Right now I've gotta go catch up on what all I've messed. TTFN!

Valarie said...

Ha! Yeah,cleaning under the oven is required.... you are supposed to clean out from under the fridge too! Something to look forward to. hehe :)
That juice cap is priceless! I wouldn't take it off either.

trinamom8 said...

Our fridge broke down not long ago and my oh my, you should have seen the yuck/mess underneath. Most embarrasing part, the refrigerator repair man came unexpectedly early before I had a chance to clean out (always waiting until the last minute I am) so he got to see and work amongst the muck. Hopefully he has seen it before.

Susan said...

Your pictures are hilarious!! Found your blog from comments page on Damama's site. I had the exact same thought when I one day pulled out the stove "just to see" if I should mop under there. And the juice cap had me rollin'!! When I was 13 we were getting ready to wallpaper my bedroom and I remember writing all kinds of messages on the walls in case we ever moved so the next family would know EXACTLY who's room that used to be. I got lucky enough to know the people who moved in and the boy who got my room told me that when they read my messages they all got a big kick out of it! I'm not sure how the juice cap will go over...