Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Sillies

That oh so lovely picture of me, nice huh? Brent and the kids were trying to hijack my blog to put that on here. Guess they thought it was funny or something. Whatever.


Kitchen Update

beforeso up.....Can't wait til the floor is done. This should have been done 13 years ago when we moved here. Paul C. is coming to help Brent this coming weekend. Should be interesting. Neither one of them has laid tile before.


Kathy said...

The kitchen looks great! The pictures are cute too. You have a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Cute kitchen, cute kids, really cute mom...Happy New Year to everyone. Cousin Deb

Damama T said...

I wondered how your kitchen turned out. It looks great! I'm so impressed with people who are D-I-Y-ers. We are so NOT DIY that we end up paying a fortune more than we would if we'd just buckle down and get busy.