Monday, June 16, 2008

Living Simply

Garage sale is done and over with. We did quite nicely with the sale. We now have enough money to take the kids to see the Star Wars Exhibit at the Minnesota Science Museum. (We are going next Wednesday, the 25th. Count down has begun!) Everyone is very excited about going. Emma does NOT want to see Darth Vader though.

Anyway, we got rid of a ton of possessions that were starting to possess us. It really is a good feeling to not be crowded out by stuff! Seems to be a lot easier to keep the house picked up too. Bonus!  

Garage sales attract all kinds of people. Some are frugal, some are greedy ("you have $5 on this, will you take 50 cents?"), some people that come I think are just lonely and like to have a chance to talk to other people, (or maybe I have a sign on my head that says "Need someone to talk to? I'm here for ya!"), some just simply enjoy life! One lady found a piece of bubble wrap in the freebie box, (I have no idea where it came from) and asked if she could have it. "Sure," I said. Then she tells us that she just loves to sit at home and pop all those little bubbles. I want to be able to find that much joy in the simple things of life!


Damama T said...

AMEN! to ALL of it! The de-junking, the garage sale crowd and ESPECIALLY the finding joy in simplicity.

BOO for you making me feel guilty for not cleaning out my junk. ;o)

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely true. Wish I could "delete" more stuff...oh well you know the homeschool curse...all those workbooks multiply! Did you ever read Suzie Lloyd's "Please Don't Drink the Holy Water"? Funny book...She used to live in a row-home in Philly with six kids & homeschools...very funny slice of life stories. (She has seven now...six girls and one boy)

Don't ya just love bubble wrap! We like to put it down on the kitchen floor and let the kids tap dance on it. It's better than the stuff that comes in it sometimes!
Blessings, E