Monday, June 16, 2008

Schools Out

School has been out for almost 2 weeks now. The kids' last day was June 2. That was a happy and sad day for Joseph. IMG_4101 Every kid is happy for that last day of school, but this was Joseph's last day at St. Philip's. He is still unsure if he wants to go to the public middle school over IMG_4105 there or be home schooled. Something to pray about I guess.


A great bunch of kids that just finished 5th grade!


IMG_4107IMG_4118Joseph with the principal, Mrs. McCarney, and his fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Buschette.


The Three Stooges!

Joe, Dan and Sam



I was keeping the kids busy with getting ready for the garage sale, and we did start to pack up stuff around the house. Now that the sale is done, I'm going to have to come up with ways to keep the kids busy to keep the fighting down to a minimum. I guess I could threaten them with more packing if they start to get too unruly.

Oh, a couple weeks ago I called Brent to ask him to pick up some boxes on his way home from work. This is what he came home with... 



After about four or five trips into the house carrying boxes, he tells me he had drove the Willys to work that day. He had fit all those boxes into this........




The kids have a couple friends over from school today, and they were all jumping on the trampoline. I just happened to look out the back door when I saw Emma fall head over heels down the steps that go to the trampoline. As my eyes were bugging out of my head, I hear her yell, "Guys! Did you see that?!? I did a force flip down the steps!!"   

We've got STAR WARS on the brain!

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