Monday, October 1, 2007

Attack of the killer BEE

Poor Emma was outside this afternoon minding her own buzzziness when along comes a psycho killer bee. I was inside with Anna and prodding the boys to get their homework done, and we heard Emma screaming like one of her siblings looked at her funny, err I mean like maybe she fell and busted her head open. Alex ran out to check, comes right back in and grabs a scissors (yes a scissors!) and as he's running back outside yells "Emma's got a bee stuck in her hair!" So I'm right behind Alex to witness the haircut. "Yikes" I thought. We get out and sure enough a bee was caught in her hair. It was still able to fly, but only about 2 inches away from her head and in a circle as far as her hair would let it go. It was at the upper corner of her face and it was able to sting her right on her eyebrow near her nose. If you enlarge the picture maybe you can see the spot on her eyebrow, looks like a lighter circle. Oh, yes Alex did cut it out of her hair, but thankfully nobody will be able to tell where it was cut. She came in and wanted an ice pack on it. Then she said "Mommy, I feel bad 'bout my eyebrow. That bee box elder bug stinged me. I want grandma to come and see my eyebrow." Five minutes later "I feel better 'bout my eyebrow now."
These past couple months has been awful with the bees, box elder bugs, those little tiny biting black bugs, and now the black moths (even in the daytime). Can it get any worse??.......

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