Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tomahawk + MY Kids = Scary?? or Supper??

Alex hit the target!!

The kids went to a Stockade Days event...or something like that, with grandma and grandpa about a month or 2 back. While there they got to try their hand at throwing a tomahawk. They enjoyed it so much grandpa (handy guy that he is ) made a log target to put in our yard. Now they can practice (yea, they really need the practice...maybe grandpa wants to come and practice with them right here anytime they want. Well, not anytime, we aren't dumb enough to let them throw a tomahawk unsupervised. The really good thing is, my kids will be prepared for any kind of emergency where we would have to hunt for our own food.


More scaring. Joseph leaned "Bobby Bully" the Karate practice dummy up against the door of the bathroom so as Elizabeth opened up the door it would fall in and hopefully scare her. He succeeded, although the picture was a split second too soon. The picture shows her while she's still processing the situation. I just hope she doesn't go try something like this at school tomorrow.


The kids did not go to school today. It was a late start for them and they had dental check-ups also, so we just didn't bother sending them for 2 hours. It takes longer then that to drop them off and pick them up. All the check-ups went fine, except, when Matthew got done with his turn and he was waiting for Elizabeth to get done with her turn, they said Matthew needs two teeth pulled. (Brent just had his wisdom teeth pulled a couple weeks ago and he was pretty much out for a day and a half, so this is going through Matthew's head) Matthew needed two baby teeth pulled because they were in the way of his permanent teeth that were trying to come through. So needless to say Matthew was quite nervous about going right back in to see the dentist. But he got some Novocaine and some laughing gas and lickity split those teeth were out, and he was a trooper. Way to go Matthew!


My Beautiful Princesses
The girls had their pictures taken at the Sears Portrait Studio today. Aren't they the most precious girls you've ever seen?!?! Ok they do have a few girls cousins that are just as cute. In case you missed it there are more pictures to the right. Some of them are a little stretched out. You can still see how beautiful they are though.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. They are so cute! Will you please remember to bring me some? Grandma J