Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Caught red (err yellow) handed!

Apparently, Emma thought our deck needed a little spicing up this past weekend. We can hardly get mad at her for trying to paint the deck..... the can of yellow spray paint must have looked very inviting to her just laying out in the yard. For that we have the boys to thank! Even though nobody would ever claim the responsibility. They had paint out to paint on pieces of scrap boards they made into "pod racers". I'm sure in Emma's mind the deck was ok to paint because it too is made of wood.
"I gave Anna some KoolAid." said Emma. I was a little worried when she told me this because both girls were in the school room. I asked her where the KoolAid was and she pointed to the closet of the school room. She just kept insisting she gave Anna "just a little" KoolAid. So I told her to bring the KoolAid to me. .......She brought an ink stamp pad. Good thing Anna only got a little KoolAid on her cheek and nowhere else.


Annette said...

Rather the artistic little family you have there. Where do you get your energy from?

Does your family dress up for church every Sunday? We belong to a Pentecostal Church here in Canada and nobody gets fancy for church. I have actually noticed that no one seems to get fancy for anything anymore! I feel like I'm pushing it if I ask them to wear clean clothes to a birthday party!!

Lisa said...

LOL. I have no energy. My kids suck out any little ounce of it that I muster up after they go to bed 'til I get up in the morning. I only get by, by the Grace of God.
Yes, we dress up for church pretty much every Sunday. It's easy when the 2 older girls love to dress up for any occassion or none at all. And 2 of my boys like to dress up for church. The oldest boy would wear "wind" pants and a t-shirt or sweatshirt if we let him. He will dress up for church though because we "make him". The baby is easy (well it's not exactly easy dressing a squirming 8 month old) because she just gets to wear whatever we pick out.
We are in the minority. People don't really dress up for church here either. Which is really sad.
Now, outside of church, my boys like to wear their finest worn out jeans and t-shirts. lol

BTW, it's so exciting to have a visitor from Canada to my blog.

Rick said...

I saw you comment on Dawn's blog. I had to come check it out. Emma's logic is impeccable.