Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Alex! Yikes, 13!

Man, I am now officially a parent of a teenager. Please, please pray for me! lol I'm not really even old enough to have a teenager, I'm only like 26 myself. (something like that anyway). Alex is big into pretty much anything Lego. So most of his presents were legos. Star Wars Legos, Castle Legos, and Bionicle Legos. Should keep him busy at least for a couple days. He also got a cool remote control helicopter, that you can see in the picture. Baby sister Anna was scared of it though. She starts bawling every time it starts to fly. Guess he'll have to fly it far away from her. Oh, Joseph wanted me to write that the Bionicle box was a trick. Joseph wrapped up some candy for Alex in the box to trick him. It worked. Alex thought it was a Bionicle, but nope, it was a couple boxes of candy. Sneaky.
Wish me luck on my new adventure!

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