Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Anna Marie!

Picture by sweet big brother Joseph.

I can't believe my baby is already a year old. Time is flying by way too fast!

We are such awful parents. We didn't even buy the poor deprived kid any toys. All she got was practical gifts. Sippy cup, set of bowls and plates that sucktion to the table (this child loves to dump her food off of her plate or out of her bowl before she will eat it), non-slip socks, and pajamas. I suppose we will be blamed for years of therapy when she is older because for her first birthday she didn't get any toys. Hmmm... maybe tomorrow we should wrap up a few of the gazillions of toys we have laying around here for her to open up.


This past week was a night-mare. Beginning last Sunday we had kids throwing up everyday. It went from one kid to the next to the next to the next....... all 6 of them! I only got vomited on once, that was by the baby. But that once was too many. I think the kids left their marks in pretty much every room in the house. And, we had the other problem that comes with rotten stomaches too. Yea, thats what was all over Anna in the picture. She was covered from head to toe. After a nice long nap she started crying, this is how she looked. Thankfully they are all done with the throwing-up, but they are still "running" to the bathroom. Brent and I have been spare.... so far.


"Take a picture, it'll last longer."

The kitchen was clean so I took some pictures quick before it got messed up again. We had Brent relatives over for a Christmas party last weekend.

Brent and Paul got the floor done a couple weeks ago. They did a great job! Brent keeps reminding me we saved $1,100 by him doing it. He must want to buy something big.


utmomof5 said...

Happy Birthday!! The time just flies by doesn't it?

Love the floorr.


Damama T said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And bad parents give their kids everything they want. Good ones give them everything they NEED, and make them earn most of what they WANT. Sounds like you've got that good parent thing pretty much wired.

Looks like you've also just about got that kitchen thing wired! Looking good!

Oh, and the blaming you for stuff in counseling later: If she's going to counseling they will help her dredge up all kinds of ammo to fire at you... valid or not. (unless, of course, she's blessed enough to find one like my Cheryl!) So you can't live your parenting life worrying about that - not that you really worry about it. Just thought I'd throw out a "just in case" thought. ;o) xoxo