Friday, February 22, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

The kids, well the boys anyway, wanted to stay up a little later to watch the lunar eclipse on Wednesday night. This is what we saw from Minnesota. We thought we would see the moon looking red, but there was not much of any color to be seen from here. The moon also looked quite small from here.

Follow the bouncing moon.

This is what we were hoping we'd see. Pictures are from

The photographer had the shutter open for almost 3 hours in this picture. Emma said, "That looks like a ear thingy!"

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Damama T said...

I haven't turned on the TV in so long that if it hadn't been for bloggers talking about it, I'd never have known there was an eclipse in the first place! AACK! Thanks for sharing both your pictures and the others. God does beautiful work even at night, doesn't he!