Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all. My kids are so sweet and thoughtful. (most of the time, anyway) Elizabeth asked me if she could decorate a cut-out heart cookie. I told her yes, and a few moments later, she came back with the cookie that she decorated for me.


Anna tried spaghetti. As you can see from the picture she enjoyed it. She enjoyed eating it, smearing it on her face, and she really enjoyed throwing it all over the floor.

She went in to the doctor today, because she has had a bad cough for 4-5 days now. Keeps her, and us, up at night. Turns out she has an ear infection in both ears. So, she started an antibiotic today, and hopefully she'll be feeling better in a couple days.


Some homes have guard dogs, some churches have gargoyles, not us. We get to have a guard dragon. Sculpted and colored by Master Joseph.

The mail man hasn't come in a few days. You think maybe he's scared of the feirce looking dragon?


You might be a RedNeck........

.....if you use duct tape to hold down your carpet.

Guess whats happening this weekend!

That stuff thats on the floor that looks like a sand box spilled... That is almost 15 years worth of dirt that worked it's way through the carpet and padding down to the floor. I was surprised. Guess I shouldn't have been with all the traffic going through this house.

Time to sign off and go fix the other computer. One of my most favorite jobs.


Damama T said...

Isn't it gross when you pull up the old carpet and see what you've been walking/laying on for so long! Almost as bad as that stuff under teh fridge! LOL!!

Can't wait to see pick of the new floor.

Damama T said...

OH! I forgot the kids!

Sweetest Valentine ever!
Sugetty faces are the best!
And are you sure the dragon didn't eat the mailman? He looks awfully fat! ;o) TTFN