Monday, March 31, 2008

Where did I park??

Have you ever gone somewhere, parked your vehicle, gone in, and then come out and your vehicle is seemingly misplaced?? Well this happened to grandma when she came over today. It had already been snowing for a while before she got here. Then she drove up the driveway and couldn't quite make it up to the top because of the slippery snow, so she just parked where she made it to. She came in and started to give my 2 littlest girls a bath. Then Alex went to ask grandma why she didn't park up in the driveway. Grandma was thinking maybe it was April Fools day and Alex was pulling her leg, but nope. he was serious. IMG_3598Her van slid all the way back down the driveway and came to a stop less then 9" from the mailbox. Thankfully it didn't hit anything or go straight into the street into another car. I'm thinking it's a good thing we have Guardian Angels.

I think they forecasted only 3 weeks of summer this year. Yikes! IMG_3602



Damama T said...

LOL! I know I shouldn't be laughing, but I just can't imagine how shocked y'all were to see that sight when you walked back out the door.

And, I TAKE IT BACK! I don't want to come play there. This southern fried turkey would freeze her tail feathers plum off up there!! ;o) xoxoxo

DebbyRose said...

Would that be Alex...with a ruler...who would of that to measure...good one. Spring has been a long time coming here too. The robins are here, but the temps still get down below freezing at night, so nothing's really growing yet. Three weeks of summer-LOL but, not funny. Still the the polar ice shelf is melting. Crazy world isn't it...
Love to all

Damama T said...

Hey, girlie! You got some bling waiting for ya over to my house! COME SEE! COME SEE!!

My boys are Army Brats said...

OMG so funny! In a scary sort of way. I came your way via damama linking to your blog.

I'm off to read some more!