Saturday, March 22, 2008

Winter laughs in the face of Spring!

I just love spring time in Minnesota. We get more snow in one day (Friday)than we got all winter?!? It sure put a grin on Brents face though. It was also the first day of the kids' Easter break. They have all of next week off too. But the snow should all be gone again by the end of Monday. Supposed to get up to 50F. Yippeee!! We ventured out in the snow yesterday to go to Good Friday services. There were a lot of people that forgot how to drive in the snow and had gotten themselves stuck. lol
Today we are getting ready for a house full of people for Easter. We are having Easter here, because I have refused to travel anymore than 10 minutes in the car with Anna. Maybe when she is 3 or 4 we can travel with her. lol
The boys will be serving at the 9a.m. Mass in the morning, so we need to get finished cleaning up and get to bed early. How's that saying.... early to bed, early to rise, makes us healthy, wealthy and wise? That must not be right, because we are none of them.
Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

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Damama T said...

Supposed to get up to 50F. Yippeee!! ??? I WOULD DIE! OMG!! I can't believe how you even stand it. LOL!