Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Angry Wheelchair

Emma: "Mommy, you have an angry wheelchair!"
Mom: "What?!?"
Emma: "Your wheelchair is angry, because it ran over my toes the other day."
Mom: "Oh, well my chair is sorry then."

Emma is not a typical 3 year old. (In my experiences of 3 year olds anyway.) She remembers everything. And always says very funny or interesting things. I really need to write down more of the things she says.

The other day we were looking at some pictures of Disneyland, and we saw some kids next to Pooh and Tigger. Emma said, "Oh, they got to see Pooh and Tigger, but I didn't know they were giants."

Within the past couple months she started to tell me she wants to be a nun when she grows up, because "I love Jesus, and that's what he would want me to be."


Anna decided that she likes Doritos. While Alex and I were at the other side of the counter, working on school work, Anna quietly snuck into the chip cabinet and started to pull out all the chip bags. Then dumped the Doritos, so she could eat them up. When we went to see what was going on, right away she hands over the chip and says "thank you". She's so polite. lol
I think it's a good thing she didn't get the bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos open. Probably would have turned her into a very unpleasant little girl!!


Joseph's snowman he made in school. He's so proud of it. lol I think he said he named it "Buddy" or something like that.

He keeps telling me he's torn about what he wants to do next year. Go on to the middle school over there or be home schooled. I'm torn too. Guess we need to do some serious praying.


I wonder what the kids were trying to convey when they put the mobile on Anna's head???
Just today she was playing in the girls' room and climbed up the ladder to Elizabeth's bed. When I went into the room to check on her, she darted for the back wall of the bed. Then when Alex went up to get her down, she started to whack him in the face.

I should really start drinking something more healthy than diet Sunkist. I am such a softy when this sweet face asks me for a drink of my pop. Or anything for that matter. If I drank something healthy she probably wouldn't even ask me for some, and if she did, it wouldn't really matter.


Lisa said...


Damama T said...

Emma is so adorable! Smart and funny. You may have your hands full when she's older, mom!

Anna is growing up sooo fast! That Doritos thing is a riot and she's kicking at her brother? LOL! Have you ever heard the saying that you will pay for your own raising?? ;o)

Buddy is a perfectly respectable name for a snowman... or a dog (mine!) LOL! Your son is quite a cutie, too! Public middle school is soooooooo killer. I'd only send him if he's a really strong, self-assured young man. Otherwise, those brats will chew him right up! Good luck with the decision. I'll pray for you, too.

My boys are Army Brats said...

I love the last picture with the pop! Too cute!