Sunday, March 2, 2008

Floors Are DONE!!

Oh happy day! Last week Brent finished up the floor. Thanks to grandpa, Pete and the boys for lending a hand as they had the time. Kids have been enjoying the floor too. They decided that roller blading through the living room and down the hall was great fun. Well, the rollerblading was fine, but the falling was not so great for the floor. Floor was only done for a few days and we already have a...... slight flaw in the floor. We had to put a break on the roller blades. lol Oh well, such is the life with kids.

The very same night Brent finished putting the trim back up around the the floor he told the kids to start unloading the front closet! Now, those of you that have ever been here and have helped the kids get/find their boots, hats, or mittens know how stuffed our front closet is storing 8 people's winter coats, boots and the rest of our winter gear. The first 2 pictures as you can see are after the kids already unloaded a ton of stuff.

After the stuff was thrown out into the livingroom, Brent started to put up a closet organizer. This guy is on a roll!!! We now can see our closet floor. There is places for all our stuff now. And, there is still room for more stuff, if we should need it. The closet has been done for 5 days now and it is still neat and tidy in there. Amazing! I have been on closet patrol though. Making sure the kids hang their jackets and put the rest of their stuff away where it belongs.

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Damama T said...

It feels soooo good to open a closet and be able to actually see the floor. I have no idea how you manage it with so many kids. I have trouble with only me and hubby at home. I'm actually wishing some of them would move back so I'd have somebody to blame the mess on again! LOL!