Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Matthew (Yesterday)

Matthew is getting so old. 9 already!IMG_3595

Brent took last Friday off and surprised the boys by taking them to the Water Park of America. That was for Matthew and Joseph's birthday presents. The girls and I hung out at home. The boys were surprised and excited, they had been wanting to go for a long time. They played hard and came home exhausted. They said it was very busy there. Spring break time I suppose. Joseph went right to bed, but Matthew and Alex had just enough energy to talk my ear off for over an hour telling me all about the fun they had.

I've added a video of Alex surfing there, and a couple pictures, but they are from the first time we went there about 2 years ago.

Then Saturday Brent's family came to celebrate Matthew's birthday with us. IMG_3594 All the boys went out four-wheeling. (Well, Paul R. convinced Amanda she needed to go out too... just so he could spray mud at her. She changed to quick when she got back for anyone to get a picture though.) IMG_3591 The mud they brought back home must have weighed about as much as a car. Oh well, it's all about the fun! Plus Brent is in charge of the mud clean up, so it doesn't bother me at all.

Then on Sunday after church we headed up to Sauk Centre to catch up with our friends, the Rivers. It's always fun to get the kids together, and they all get along, so that's a bonus. They also served us a wonderful supper.

So, the weekend went by way too fast, but it was fun.


The kids made me do this video. I do not want anyone saying anything to me about it either, because I watched it and I already know how bad it is. This is what crazy moms that love their kids do.


Damama T said...


That water park looks like it'd be a blast. I don't think we have anything that great here. And then getting to ride 4-wheelers in the mud, too?? W.O.W.!!!

But the best part of all (as short as it is {LISA!}) is the song at the end. Matthew - I think you should make her sing the whole thing for us. ;o)

Lisa said...

LOL Ummmm, no Matthew should not make me sing the whole thing for you!
I do not want the FCC hunting me down for polluting the "air waves". They'd haul me away and lock me up for a very long time. (hmmm... on second thought, I might enjoy that LOL)
I intentionally made it just long enough for me to make a fool of myself so that I could show the kids it's ok to be silly and have fun and not care what others think.