Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Brent earns Husband of the Year Award!

Brent is finally getting around to doing something to our kitchen. Since we can't afford a real kitchen makeover, we're doing the lots of effort, little money kind. We'll see how it turns out. On Sunday, Brent started to sand all the cabinets so they could be painted. Um, someone should have told us it would be a lot easier to clean up after the sanding if we would have boxed up everything in the cabinets before hand. But no, we spent last night and ALL of today wiping out cabinets and washing everything that was in every one of them. That was not fun! The bright side is, (since I am the optimist) everything is clean, we got rid of really old food, and things we never use, and the stuff is somewhat organized now. Now, this would be the 4th night of working on it and Brent and Alex have started priming. Looks like that part will be done tonight. Now I'm off to bed while Brent finishes up. lol Real nice of me huh?!?

This is what it looked like with the dust flying.

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Leanne said...

Neat! I love home renovations...okay, I like them when they're done.

I'll be back to see what colour of paint you choose...that means we expect more pictures when you're done.