Monday, November 26, 2007

U of M appointment

Today I had my yearly (supposed to be yearly, but it's been about two and a half years) follow up visit with the neurologist at the U of M. I must say, Brent and I are in agreement that we do not want to ever live in the twin cities. There are way to many one way streets and streets that just take you in a big circle or lead you to a dead end or to another city. You'd think we would get it, we've been down there enough. They must change the streets around between times that we go just to make it fresh and interesting. Anyway, the appointment was fine. Same appointment, different year. The doctor said, (about a cure) "We are getting smarter, but not that smart yet" He did say they are doing clinical trials on patients with Duchenne MD and Beckers MD, and if they work for them then they will try it on people with Limb Girdle. Probably a long way off though.
If nothing else, it was nice to just get out for a day.

On our way home we saw a couple of people that must have forgot to put on their brains this morning. They were out walking on the thin film of ice on one of the lakes. Most lakes we saw had no ice at all. Who knows, maybe the air by that lake has been colder than all the rest, or maybe I'm just too overly cautious.
Kitchen update?? Parts of the cabinets are painted, parts are only primed. Little by little Brents plugging away at it. I am ready for it to just be done though.

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Leanne said...

Glad you could get out.

I really don't get the people out on the ice though...scary.

Can't wait to see the kitchen pictures. We plan on doing ours next year and I'm really really nosey as to what others are doing. :)