Saturday, November 3, 2007

Who's your hero now, Debby?? LOL

So, Debby (my cousin in Omaha) leaves a comment yesterday evening saying "Emma Rose is my hero". Well, that's a nice thing to say and all, but, you really should see the "behind-the scenes" with this child. Last night, within a few hours of that nice compliment, miss Emma Rose was in bed. Well, actually she was on the floor in the school room. It was "camp-out" night ya know. It was quiet for about 20-30 min. so I thought it was all clear peace and quiet time. Silly me! It was then that Emma came out to the kitchen and matter-of-factly tells me "mommy, I got the glue". Yes, we do keep the glue up high. She must have scaled the bookcase to get it. Anyway, she came out with glue dripping from her hands, and in between her toes. I didn't even notice the marker on her face right away, but the picture caught it. So as she's sitting at the kitchen sink washing it off, I went to assess the damage to her "camping-out" spot. I have no idea what she was trying to glue but she had it on a hair pretty, on the carpet, and on her favorite sparkly pink purse. The really crazy thing is that she chose the carpenters glue, what was she thinking?? I couldn't see anything around where she was that she was building, and she had nothing anywhere near her that was made of wood. She could have at least used the all purpose glue. lol This is one of those "stuck between a rock and a hard place" deals. We either skip nap time so she zonks out right away at bed time. (and doesn't get into this kind of trouble) Or give her a nap so she doesn't whine all afternoon. (then she plays in bed until it's very late) What do ya do?!?

So Debby, who's your hero now?? Unless maybe your hero type is the curious, mischievous type. lol


My Semblance of Sanity said...

Ya know, if we could get inside the heads of kids it would probably scare the bejeebies out of us!

What are they (ever) thinking?

Like the time one of my boys stuck a pea UP HIS NOSE....for the love of Pete, what makes you do this?

Anonymous said...

Why would you use Carpenter Glue to build something with when you can figure out how it "feels"? I see a budding psychiatrist on the horizon. I love that kid! And I nominate Alex as poster child, the pink purse is a nice touch. Love & Thanksgiving Blessings to all.